january, 2020

22janam 11:30am 9:3001/22(週三)排班師傅

23janam 11:30pm 9:3001/23(週四)排班師傅

24janam 11:30pm 9:3001/24(週五)排班師傅除夕(營業到17:00)

25janam 11:30pm 9:3001/25(週六) 排班師傅大年初一

26janam 11:30pm 9:3001/26(週日) 排班師傅大年初二

27janam 11:30pm 9:3001/27(週一) 排班師傅大年初三

28janam 11:30pm 9:3001/28(週二) 排班師傅大年初四

29janam 11:30pm 9:3001/29(週三) 排班師傅大年初五

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Porter (波特)
178 / 63 / 22 親切隨和.結實腹肌. 按摩技術熟練柔和. 陽光稚氣的男孩 Porter is Kind and easygoing boy with sturdy abdominal muscles,skilled and gentle massage technique. Childish face with a sunny smile. 技術平均:★★★★★ 服務平均:★★★★★. 休假:不定時排休.
Joe (喬)
174 / 68 / 25帥氣的大男孩 濃眉俊帥.擁有結實胸腹肌混合時尚型男與運動健將的風格按摩手法精純細緻 絕對讓你不枉此行 handsome boy with rich eyebrows handsome face.And he has a strong chest and abdominal muscles mixed fashion and sportsman style.Massage techniques are detailed and meticulous. Absolutely let you not miss this trip技術平均:★★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:13:00-21:00休假:不定時休假.
Mark (馬克)
175 / 71 / 27帥氣溫柔男人樣.細心又專注的按摩讓你解脫忙碌疲乏的身軀 滿足你渴望放鬆的慾望跟心靈Handsome and gentle man kind. Careful and focused massage Let you relieve busy tired body Satisfy your desire to relax with the soul技術平均:★★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:13:30-22:30休假:不定時排休
kurt (庫特)
陽光稚氣的男孩.按摩技術熟練 平易近人.運動健將 性感腿毛.結實腹肌 Sun childish boy. Skilled in massage technology Approachable. Sportsman Sexy leg hair. strong abdominal muscles. 技術平均:★★★★★ 服務平均:★★★★★. 休假:不定時排休.
Hugh (修)
鄰家暖男. 親切有禮.文質彬彬 平易近人的服務態度 帶給您深層的放鬆 Cute neighbor, little warm man Kind and courteous. Gentle and considerate Approachable service attitude Bring you deep relaxation 技術平均:★★★★★ 服務平均:★★★★★ 預約時間:19:30-21:30 休假:1/13.20.23-26排休
Felix (菲利斯)
187 / 85 / 31 高大挺拔.健身胸肌 按摩手法精純、細緻 技術一流.一流身材 Tall and tall. Fitness chest muscles Pure and detailed massage techniques First-class technology. First-class body 技術平均:★★★★★ 服務平均:★★★★★. 休假:不定時排休.
Vic (維克)
180 / 70 / 20青澀帥氣.熱愛運動. 有朝氣的大男孩.迷人笑容.穩健溫柔的手法. 給你滿分的享受Handsome.Love sports. Charming smile Robust and gentle massage technique.Give you full marksno. out call service無外出服務. 技術平均:★★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:平日19:00~20:30 / 假日全天休假:不定時排休