november, 2019

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Jo (喬) 174 / 68 / 25
帥氣的大男孩 濃眉俊帥.
按摩手法精純細緻 絕對讓你不枉此行
handsome big boy with rich eyebrows handsome face.
And he has a strong chest and abdominal muscles mixed fashion and sportsman style.
Massage techniques are detailed and meticulous.
Absolutely let you not miss this trip

Aaron (亞倫)
Aaron (亞倫) 173 / 62 / 25才華洋溢鄰家小暖男 樸實純真.平易近人氣質俊男.親切有禮 按摩服務溫柔體貼細心Aaron is a Talented and simple boy. Approachable Temperament handsome man.Kind and courteous. His massage service is gentle and considerate.技術平均:★★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:14:00-21:00休假:每週六休.(9/21~28休假)
Wesley (衛斯理)
Wesley (衛斯理) 177 / 70 / 23迷人單眼皮笑容親切 可愛帥氣按摩技術佳Charming single eyelid with cordial smile,is a cute and handsome Master student.Good massage technique.技術平均:★★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:平日18:00~22:00 / 假日15:00~20:00休假:不定時排休 (9/21~24休假)
Mark (馬克)
Mark (馬克) 175 / 71 / 27帥氣溫柔男人樣.細心又專注的按摩讓你解脫忙碌疲乏的身軀 滿足你渴望放鬆的慾望跟心靈Handsome and gentle man kind. Careful and focused massage Let you relieve busy tired body Satisfy your desire to relax with the soul技術平均:★★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:13:30-22:30休假:不定時排休
Vic (維克)
Vic (維克) 180 / 70 / 20青澀帥氣.熱愛運動. 有朝氣的大男孩.迷人笑容.穩健溫柔的手法. 給你滿分的享受Handsome.Love sports. Charming smile Robust and gentle massage technique.Give you full marksno out call service無外出服務技術平均:★★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:平日19:00~20:30 / 假日全天休假:不定時排休 (9/17~22休假)
Josh(喬許) 168 / 65 / 24陽光男孩。活潑開朗。熱愛海灘活動。帥氣的笑容平易近人 的個性。細心的服務態度 給你滿分的體驗He is a sunny boy with handsome smile,lively and cheerful with an approachable personality.Careful service attitude,give you wonderful Massage experience.技術平均:★★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:18:30~22:00 休假:不定時排休
Benson (班森)
Benson (班森) 180 / 65 / 20混血陽光大男孩.韓語流利 文質彬彬的優質大學生厚實溫暖的手掌.用心的服務態度 給您滿分的回憶sunshine Boy.It seems half-breed.Have temperament and an speak Korean College Students.Attentive service attitude Give you good memories젊고잘생긴남자대학생이다. 따뜻하고두꺼운손바닥및마음을쓰는태도로좋은추억을남아줄것이다.技術平均:★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:晚班pm18:00-pm19:30休假:不定時排休 (9/25.26.28休假)
Will (威爾)
Will (威爾) 172 / 65 / 29運動健身.隨和親切 氣質出眾.上班族型男細心溫柔的按摩手法 帶給您最舒適的體驗will is a love sport guys with kind and easy-going personality.He have careful and gentle massage technique,can give youThe most comfortable service process.無外出服務 no out call services技術平均:★★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:13:00-21:00 (可以預約日期: 9/不定時休假
Golden (里昂)
Golden (里昂) 172 / 65 / 28親切健談的陽光男孩 熱情大方的服務態度按摩手法純熟流暢 不能錯過的優質按摩師Golden is a very easy get along sunny boy.Passionate and generous service with good massage.He is a can not miss the masseur.技術平均:★★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:12:00-22:00休假:不定時排休 (9/25.28.29休假)
Jo (喬)
Jo (喬) 174 / 68 / 25帥氣的大男孩 濃眉俊帥.擁有結實胸腹肌混合時尚型男與運動健將的風格按摩手法精純細緻 絕對讓你不枉此行handsome boy with rich eyebrows handsome face.And he has a strong chest and abdominal muscles mixed fashion and sportsman style.Massage techniques are detailed and meticulous. Absolutely let you not miss this trip技術平均:★★★★★服務平均:★★★★★預約時間:13:00-21:00休假:不定時休假 (9//26.27休假)